Our scientists will guide you through the critical technological decisions powering your business. We have experience helping startups deploy the most effective tech in various industries. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational Biology
  • Machine Learning
  • Network Science
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Physical Modeling
  • Statistical Analysis

In-person (virtual) meetings

The best way to understand your needs and challenges you are facing is through personal meetings. In our meetings we can go in depth on the specific problems you want to solve, and we can keep in in sync as your project advances. You can schedule a meeting with our experts at any time using our booking form here

Personalized workshops

If there is a specific technology or theory that you and your team wishes to better understand, we can help you with custom workshops. We have extensive experience in teaching at the university level and have presented technical workshops to wide audiences.

Hiring Assessments

To make sure your team grows to include the most effective members possible, we can help you prepare interview questions and candidate screening for technical prowess.

Custom Implementations & Troubleshooting

As trained scientists, we have built many scientific tools from the ground-up. See below for a list of some examples of our published work: