Carlos G. Oliver

Co-founder & Lead Consultant

Carlos is a PhD candidate in Computer Science at McGill University Computational Structural Biology Group and Mila. In his research, Carlos develops algorithms to solve problems in network science, drug discovery, and drug design. He has worked at NextAI and Creative Destruction Labs as a Scientist in Residence, advising multiple startups on technical strategies and hiring.


Pericles Philippopoulos


Pericles Philippopoulos obtained his PhD in Physics from Prof. William Coish’s group at McGill University in 2020. The focus of his work was to gain a better understanding of spin interactions, specifically hyperfine and spin-orbit couplings in semiconductor nanostructures. Pericles shares his time between Ozeki, and Nanoacademic Technologies where he works as a research scientist. Apart from his expertise in physics and mathematics, Pericles has authored papers in Blockchain technology, and actively cultivates his interest in machine learning.